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Heaven and Earth and Joe Davis2010

  • 3.9
An award winning documentary about the godfather of bioart, Joe Davis. The renowned art critic James Elkins has said of him: "to my mind the most interesting living artist..." Enjoy a wild ride from laboratory to bar room and back again in this film that reminds us that anything is possible.

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Member Reviews (2)

The film should be really called the desintegration of the once promising MIT Lab project rather than a portrait of J. Davis as artist. That said, the utter white/male/cowboy composition of the CAVS that Davis exemplifies was always an issue. Then, the documentary makers do not do him any favors by portraying him as the bio-art Pollock. Sad, really.

The film intrigues the mind with the potential viewing the worldfrom different level of reality which may or may not be relevant but very entertaining