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also known as Trabalhar Cansa

Hard Labor2011

  • 3.2
  • passes the bechdel test
A middle-class couple slowly succumbs to the allures of entrepreneurship and the horrors of a schizophrenic job market. As Helena starts a new business venture (a small grocery store), her white-collar husband Otavio is let go from his job. Determined to stay afloat, Otavio goes on a series of ego-crushing job interviews and is forced to adapt to the needs of a new economy. Helena, now the family's breadwinner, discovers that the building housing her store has a sinister past. Beautifully translating the evanescent forces of cyber-age economics into a Grand Guignol of kitchen-sink sensibilities, HARD LABOR is unlike any other Brazilian film you've seen in the last decade.

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

I could identify with the characters...

top reviewer

Quiet, slow-motion horror (?) that subverts expectation at every turn. Great atmosphere and pacing with many surprising elements.

top reviewer

really odd & strange_ a bit weird everyone is good in this_Helena, Otavio,Paula_not really a horror film actually it's almost 2 films_the horror of losing your job & taking care of the ones you love_and getting involved in a new life that has new mysteries and challenges_not scary just sort of creepy_ gets better as it goes_sometimes a bit lame but that's ok_3 1/2