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also known as Henjel gwa Geuretel

Hansel and Gretel2008

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  • 4.0
What if Hansel and Gretel decided to stay in the gingerbread house and look for new parents who would love them forever? When Eun-soo gets lost in the country, he meets a mysterious girl and is led to her fairy-tale house in the woods. Trapped with the girl and her ageless siblings, he soon learns that all adult visitors met mysterious yet terrible ends there. More shockingly, their cruel deaths are drawn in detail in the pages of fairy-tale books. With no way out, will Eun-soo be able to find a happily ever after before his gruesome end is chronicled in a fable?

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I adore this movie due chiefly to the children. They, particularly the two portraying the sisters, are astounding.

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I adore this movie due chiefly to the children. They, particularly the two portraying the sisters, are astounding.

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disturbing and unforgettable. An excellent movie

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Creepy, twisted and visually brilliant with many surreal scenes of conjured murderous child fantasies. A large part of the fun is having adorable innocents as agents of impending violence, such as a six-year-old girl in a red dress eviscerating a teddy bear while muttering threats. The day-glow sets are an unsettling mix of childhood delights like dinner tables of cupcakes and jellybeans alongside dismembered dolls and menacing bunnies. The story becomes muddled and runs out of steam after about an hour. Unusual, very entertaining horror.

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absolutely excellent! igive it 5 stars!

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Yim Phil-Sung FTW!

Twilight zone type storyline. Movie is beautifully shot.


Interesting but incoherent

A lovely fairy tale-inspired yarn that's a satisfying blend of horror and candy-colored whimsy. The roots of this piece are equal parts "Hansel & Gretel" and "It's a Good Life," the "Twilight Zone" episode starring Billy Mumy as a young psychic who holds his family hostage (an episode remade for "Twilight Zone: The Movie"). The story has a disturbing twist that reverses viewer sympathies, and is competently made and told. Plus it has fun with its smart use of meta-narrative that comments on how books connect to the power of imagination.

kind of twisted but good in a strange way.

It was ok...nothing new really....Is it worth watching ?...nope...