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Guy Martin: Portrait of a Grand Chef2008

  • 3.8
Guy Martin is the chef of Le Grand Véfour, the legendary Michelin 3-star Parisian restaurant. As a kid, he dreamed of being a doctor or a rock star. First trained in a pizzeria, 20 years later he is one of the best chefs in the world, with dozens of awards and restaurants in four countries. GUY MARTIN: PORTRAIT OF A GRAND CHEF reveals Martin’s philosophy of cooking, which ranges from resolutely traditional to savagely creative. It brings to life the sources of his inspiration, from his childhood in the rugged Savoy region, to his appreciation of France’s historical supremacy in food, to his surprising and open-minded curiosity. For Martin, everything always is to be discovered. Nothing is ever finished. The cooking is to be reinvented every day. By drawing from past, he reinvents the present.

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

A visit to Le Grand Véfour about ten years ago remains a treasured memory. We knew a little of Guy Martin's "philosophy of cooking" then; I don't think this film provides much insight into it. It seems to have been repurposed from television footage, with plenty of pretty visuals of food ("the cube" is much better eaten than merely viewed) and France and recurring, no doubt crowd-friendly, but unenlightening scenes of a lunch with children. Never mind the kiddies; how about a little more about the food of the Savoy ("Step Up to the Plate", also on Fandor, sets the standard for a different chef and region), or the wine? Nonetheless that one tantalizing scene of sketching a dish with colors makes up for some of the filler, and one can never tour too many cheesemakers. "Portrait" is at least a reminder that we are due for another visit.

enjoyed !

Interesting to get some insight into the life experiences which influenced a great chef as well as a bit of behind the scenes regarding how he sources ingredients however I found the film somewhat disjointed and it seemed the only kitchen scenes were of him barking orders to others. No actual footage that I could recall of him cooking. I left without a real sense of what it would be like to experience his food.