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Guerrilla Girl1953

  • 2.8
The story opens in German-occupied Athens during the darkest hours of the war. Civilians are not allowed on the streets after dark. Helmut Dantine plays Demetri Alexander and the first time he appears on screen he is garbed in a Nazi uniform. It is midnight and Demetri prowls the streets of the city. He comes upon a shocking sight: the corpse of a young man who has been hanged in a town square by the Germans because he was suspected of being a Communist. However, despite his appearance, Demetri is neither Nazi collaborator nor Gestapo hooligan. He is a Greek officer who soon leaves Athens and sets out on a perilous journey. He is aided in no small way by the title character. She is the stunningly exotic Zaira, one in a group of patriotic gypsies who have joined the Greek underground and are putting their lives on the line daily in a battle against those who have occupied their country. Demetri and Zaira share an intricate and deeply felt relationship, one which is destined to involve them in further conflict and confrontation at several pivotal moments in the history of modern Greece.

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A very good mix of feelings in this film.I,d watch it again.