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Grown Up Movie Star2012

  • 3.2
Once the town hero, Ray returns home to Newfoundland following a drug conviction, only to have his wife Lillian leave him for another man and aspirations of stardom. With Lillian gone, Ray flails to try to find a replacement for her, while struggling against a growing awareness of his homosexuality. At loose ends for lack of guidance, his daughter Ruby in turn becomes increasingly curious about her own sexuality and, in a desperate plea for attention, puts herself in increasingly risky situations. She begins spending more and more time with Ray's best friend Stuart, confined to a wheelchair following an accident that involved Ray. When Stuart finds himself attracted to Ruby, he leads the three of them towards a heartbreaking conclusion.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

A grim domestic situation as bleak and uninteresting as the surrounding winter landscape. In addition, no English subtitles and Canadian accents made dialogue too difficult to follow.

John R. , Canadian accents?

Did you graduate from 3rd grade?

I'll admit I might be overrating it because of Tatiana Maslany's later work in Orphan Black, but I thought it was a good depiction of people trying to get a grep while stuck in small town Newfoundland and in over their heads emotionally -- the sentimental ending felt reasonable rather than just tacked on as an afterthought.