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Gross Misconduct1993

The Life of Brian Spencer

  • 3.1
This gripping drama explores the troubled life of famed Canadian ice hockey star Brian Spencer. During his illustrious career, Spencer played ten seasons in the NHL for the Buffalo Sabres, Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins. However, his life off the ice became submerged in drugs and violence, culminating in a 1987 charge of kidnapping and murder that saw him facing the death penalty.

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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

An incredibly odd TV movie made by one of Canada's leading cinematic artists. It's a shame this is currently the only Egoyan film on Fandor, because it's his least interesting that I've seen. GROSS MISCONDUCT is a telling of the tragic story NHL Player Brian Spencer and his toxic relationship with his father. The real story made headlines, but I'm afraid GROSS MISCONDUCT is better not being mentioned. Constrained by TV ethics, it's real casual fare.

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top reviewer

This movie does suffer from its low budget in the sense that some of the peripheral characters are less than stellar actors but on the whole it's very well done and the plot is always captivating.

The story of Brian Spencer's life was definitely worthy of a film treatment.

top reviewer

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! Gripping true story of rags to riches to rags. The movie really draws you in. A must see for any sports fan.

A movie with hockey as a small backdrop, a metaphor for

winning and losing.

It's really about lost hope, despair and ultimately, human frailty and failure,

without the possibility of redemption.