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  • 3.4
Amsterdam's airport Schiphol is Europe's biggest "hub." It is located in the famous "polders," the land the Dutch conquered against the water. Long before there were airplanes here, there were geese. Every year, at the start of the holiday season, there is a safety issue, as thousands of geese settle in the polders around Schiphol. The problem is that both the airplanes and the geese need to fly. The solution is to diminish the number of flights... of the geese that is. As a result, 4000 of the 5000 geese that live in the area need to disappear. In the short film GREY (named after the largest population of geese), filmmakers Rosanne Kropman and Jasper Juinen show the battle between man and animal. One of the men responsible for the extinction of the geese invokes the metaphor of a chess-game: both man and animal are thinking ahead, so it all comes down to smart moves. GREY shows this strange game in a way that will make you think about the geese if you'd happen to land on Schiphol airport this summer.

Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

Eye-opening short. With the vivid imagery presented, it's easy to overlook the economic justifications for exterminating innocent geese in such large quantities. Another haunting example of the fight between modern civilization and nature.

top reviewer

The technique of using stills in specific moments of the telling of this story is very effective -- and as an animal lover, I was grateful for it, because this is a particularly troubling topic explored in this film. More and more I am convinced of how cruel human beings are as a species. Making art is our one redeeming quality, but in terms of the ways we use our scientific achievements to benefit the planet, or to advance societies, we fail.