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Greedy Humpty Dumpty1936

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  • 4.0
This COLOR CLASSICS cartoon elaborates upon the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme with touches from the myth of Icarus and Mother Goose. The roly-poly egg is a moneyed tyrant in this telling. He imagines that the sun is a giant ball of gold in a frankly hallucinatory sequence and commands the villagers to build a wall for him to climb. You know how it ends.



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I enjoyed watching "Greedy Humpty Dumpty" on Fandor and look forward to watching more classic cartoons.

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top reviewer

Great moral to this story!!!! And who knew Humpty Dumpty was part of the Illuminati?!

top reviewer

Wow! Looks familiar. What the job creators are really up to.

top reviewer

I was unaware of the secret Koch brother, Humpty Dumpty Koch.

Technically well done and humorous fun. Definitely puts one in mind of modern bankers!

a very excellent movie great acting