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also known as 25.45

Great Man and Cinema2009

  • 3.7
Kim Jong Il, the Stalinist David O. Selznick, ran the state film studio as a way of promoting his own and his father's cult of personality. The film's title GREAT MAN AND CINEMA comes from a propaganda booklet filled with stories of how the Dear Leader has written, edited, produced and given acting advice in films for the last forty years. This film succinctly synthesizes the Dear Leader's directing philosophy with his feelings toward the imperialist beast at his heels. GREAT MAN AND CINEMA is part of Mike Plante's Lunchfilm series of commissioned shorts (made for the cost of a lunch between Plante and filmmaker Jim Finn).

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This has the greatest song in film history.

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top reviewer

Only 3 minutes of glorious leader Kim Jong Il, but the song will stay with me! Only those who dedicate their lives to the party are invited :-))

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Perhaps Jim Finn's finest work! I LOVE IT!!!

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Fucking USA!

The fucking song.

The song though


Much like driving past a bad wreck on the highway, I could not take my eyes off this.

Weird. Of course, what would we expect from NK.

Weirdest society on Earth ... bar none.