also known as: Gokudo kyofu dai-gekijo: Gozu

directed by Takashi Miike, 130 minutes

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A horror thriller from the director of ICHI THE KILLER and AUDITION. Prepare for a delirious descent into a nightmare world, courtesy of Japan's most untamed filmmaker, Takashi Miike. What starts out as a gangster film spirals rapidly out of control when a young yakuza is ordered to assassinate his own superior, who also happens to be his closest friend. When his target disappears before he can do the job, he sets out for a search that leads him into a mysterious town filled with lowlifes, oddballs and a cow-headed demon! Bizarre, nightmarish and hilarious all at the same time, GOZU is unlike anything you have ever seen before, even from Takashi Miike.

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Top reviewer
Created over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

MOO-AREVELOUS and the sound design is a real treat

Created over 1 year ago.

Really out there.....

Created 10 months ago.

I'm shell-shocked, in a GOOD way! Wow!!!!

Created 25 days ago.

One of Miike's most underrated films. Possibly tied for my favorite along with Audition. It's bizarre and hilarious, with shades of Twin Peaks.

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