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  • 3.5
A volcanic eruption in the North Atlantic brings to the surface a 65-foot prehistoric monster. Two treasure divers capture the creature and take him to London where he is put on display in a circus. A scientist is thoughtful enough to point out that the sailors' bonanza is only an infant and that a full-grown specimen would be over 200 feet in height. Sure enough, Gorgo's mama comes thundering ashore, reclaims her offspring and heads back to sea (but not before she trashes a generous portion of London). The special effects in GORGO, provided by Tom Howard, two-time Academy Award® winner, are truly admirable. The monster is quite ferocious (except when he wiggles his ears).

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Member Reviews (9)

fandor is great-gorgo is one of my favs and havnt seen it for over 30 years also day of the triffids--keep up the good work FANDOR--SIGNED-JOE T ENGLISHBLUESMAN.

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One of my favorite monster movies of all time.

It Was Good! Says Your BRUNO In Love!

A great monster film - good production values, great models, cheezy special effects, and things keep apace at a running time of just over an hour.

Good Monster movie, fun to watch, dated special effects but still entertaining......

Has always been one of my favorites!

Monsters. A British version of Godzilla and as in the tradition from about 1940's - 70's there is an American star (two actually) in order to make sure it's sold in the American market.

A little bit of fun cheezie, but mostly kind of mediocre.

Godzilla type reptile terrorizes london! Entertaining. A good popcorn movie on a rainy weekend.

Always liked this film. Read the book first. Special effects are dated now, but still good for their time.