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Golden Digest1996

  • 3.8
ANIMAL CHARM makes videos from other people's videos. By compositing TV and reducing it to a kind of tic-ridden babble, they force television to not make sense. While this disruption is playful, it also reveals an overall 'essence' of mass culture that would not be apprehended otherwise. Videos such as STUFFING, ASHLEY, and LIGHTFOOT FEVER upset the hypnotic spectacle of TV viewing, revealing how advertising creates anxiety, how culture constructs 'nature' and how conventional morality is dictated through seemingly neutral images. By forcing television to convulse like a raving lunatic, we might finally hear what it is actually saying.

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Though listed here as a film, Golden Digest, by video artists Animal Charm, is actually just an anthology of short pieces of video art played in chronological order, packaged together for a commercial DVD release by Other Cinema. As such, there's not a lot of rhyme or reason to the thematic overlap of each short, nor do they flow particularly well in the form of a feature.

That said, despite it being a mixed bunch of shorts, the ones that land are very bizarre and amusing, a proto-Everything is Terrible! and, in fact, proto-a whole lot of weird internet humour. One of the shorts, their more well known "Hot Mirror", turns what appears to be an advertisement for zen living into a corporate-product filled house tour, making it one of the best visual examples of Vaporwave I've yet come across. Another highlight is "Marbles", which sees camp classic Meatballs re-cut and reduced to a string of mundane events and cliches (and also no Bill Murray whatsoever).

Full list of shorts: Lightfoot fever --Working together --Slow gin soul stallion --Stuffing --Ashley --Mark Roth --Family Court --Marbles --Hot mirror --Computer smarts --Body prep --Camera dance --Brite tip --Il mouille --The Floridian --Time shared --Pet programming --Terrorized --Solar fox --Moving Day --Kill the wind --Street shapes--Sunshine Kitty--Random

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