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also known as Les valseuses

Going Places1974

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  • 3.7
A shockingly hilarious comedy, GOING PLACES exposes the outrageous desires of a pair of twenty-something brutes. Jean-Claude (GпїЅrard Depardieu) and Pierrot (Patrick Dewaere) live on instinct, spending their days harassing women and committing petty crimes. Their amorous adventures lead them to a frigid beautician (Miou-Miou), an ex-con (Jeanne Moreau) and a teenager desperate to escape bourgeois life (Isabelle Huppert). The French title is LES VALSEUSES ("The Testicles"), isolating the source of their anti-social behavior. Dodging the cops, jilted women and their own rampaging libidos, Jean-Claude and Pierrot are perpetually on the verge of death or imprisonment and they don't seem to mind.



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An iconoclastic French sex comedy that catapulted a young Gérard Depardieu to stardom.

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This film has a love scene with Jeanne Moreau, and a love scene with Isabelle Huppert. That is all you need to know. 5 stars isn't enough for Isabelle and Jeanne, they get all the stars in the sky, at least bzillion!

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I had to stop viewing Bertrand Biller's Going Places (1974) about half way through it. I just couldn't take any more of this POOR excuse for a film.

If you Google "Robert Hare" you can read what this preeminent authority in the field has to say about "psychopathy". I'm certain that before too long you'll agree that Dr Hare's descriptions of the classic "psychopath" almost perfectly match the two main characters in this SAD excuse for a film. That's all this "film" is, just a blatant display of psychopathic, criminal behavior. "Psychopaths On Parade" would be a better title for this "film", because the thrust of this "film" seems to actually applaud and even admire the narcissistic, remorseless behavior of these two low lifes. I myself find no value, either as a film fanatic, or as just a human being, in a cinematic celebration of psychopathy.

Hey!!! I make no pretenses about being "the smartest guy in the world", OK?, but I'm certainly smart enough to know the difference between "right" and "wrong". This film, on the other hand, seems to be equating, or even deliberately confusing "right" and "wrong", and even asking me to somehow buy into that. In short, this "film" carries a morally, and socially corruptive message that there is no difference between "right" and "wrong", or that perhaps doing "wrong" is acceptable if you're young, and cute, and come across as "charming", and somewhat daring when you're doing "wrong". Sorry, but I just don't buy it.

I could go on about how blatantly sexist this film is, but what's the point? It's not like the two criminal low lifes in this film actually treat women worse than men in this film. Hey, these guys are "hip", and "enlightened"!!! They're "equal opportunity psychopathic predators".

There was no storyline whatsoever at the point where I turned off this piece of garbage cinema. It was an endless stream of disassociated scenes of two social perverts romping gleefully through their criminal, and exploitive deeds, without a cop in sight. I don't know whose fantasies this so called "film" panders to, but it's certainly not mine. In fact, the only purpose that I can see in viewing this so called "film" is for the viewer to vicariously live out his "secret" sexual, and violent fantasies through the two low life, psychopathic characters in this so called "film". But, sorry, I myself don't indulge in such "walks on the dark side" because, frankly, I see myself as a better human being than that.

Gerard Depardieu has had a long, and storied, and brilliant career as an actor, cranking out some pretty incredible performances. It's just so sad for me to think that he was forced to act in a piece of garbage cinema like this as a preliminary stepping stone to that wonderful acting career.

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This film has a love scene with Jeanne Moreau, and a love scene with Isabelle Huppert. That is all you need to know. 5 stars isn't enough for Isabelle and Jeanne, they get all the stars in the sky, at least bzillion!

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The original French title for this film translates to slang for "The Testicles." Crass, rude, inappropriate, silly and effective film about two young men roaming around for sex, opportunities to commit petty crimes and all other ranges of "good times."

A product of 1970's sexual revolution and challenging economies, this film has been criticized for being "misogynistic" and "offensive." Yet, this would seem to be the film's point.

Bertrand Blier's comedy has been crafted so it is difficult to determine if these two men are just a couple of goofy dudes up for anything or two potentially dangerous or sociopathic criminal rapists. This sick little movie that goes too far to simply dismiss as a "sex comedy." I'm not sure where that leaves it but I was fascinated by the entire movie.

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I found this film extremely annoying and sexist and didn't watch it all the way through. For a second it was funny seeing Depardieu in such ridiculously tight pants, but, that does not make a film.

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Well, it isn't The Return of Martin Guerre or Jean de Florette, but its a worthwhile and entertaining 118 minutes, some funny scenes, interesting plot play, and two despicable guys its hard not to feel sympathy for, if not actually like. You can't say that Gérard Depardieu hasn't worked himself silly since making this one. His filmography is astounding. I was concerned this was going to have a Jules and Jim ending, but thank goodness, it does not.

This film makes me crave electroshock therapy because I can't rewind and erase memories!!!!!

This film is a light romp of French farce but worth seeing nonetheless. Gerard Depardiu is wonderful in this role.

fun fun fun...entertaining to da max !!!!

Just a delight Some sadness, but always the plucky threesome wins out and continues on their way. And the threesome are so very pretty!

Loved it!

somewhat disturbing to watch as a woman, but compelling, about the same. I would add this to my list of 'see a second time' flicks.

a little riske' but funny overall!

uniquely distubing. extremely funny


When I was a teenager, this was my favorite film. I enjoyed gerard depardieu's performance. This was the film that made him famous in france. His performance of a charismatic amoral drifter is his best. Unfortunately his co-star committed suicide about seven years after filming this piece. Both actors together create a dynamic pair and take you into a world of aimless ambivalence.