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God's Land2011

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  • 3.4
At the stroke of midnight on the 25th of March, in the suburban Texas town of Garland, the voice of God will be heard. The directive of the Creator will pre-empt all other programming on Cable Channel 18 and there He will deliver a message of eternal love, space travel and the end of the world. Teacher Chen is beckoned from Taiwan to Texas at the behest of the Almighty himself to await further instructions. His followers come to wait with him, among them doctors, lawyers, professors and their families. They do their best to blend in to their new surroundings: they buy land, try to learn English and dress exclusively in white jumpsuits, boots and large white cowboy hats. One of the followers is a young doctor named Hou, along with his wife Xiu and their 8-year-old son Ollie. When the young family arrives, their new community is already the center of attention in the otherwise quiet suburban community. The police and press are keeping a close watch on their small matching houses and perfect lawns for fear of an unspeakable demise. Their Texan neighbors stare from their riding lawn mowers and whisper in the isles of shopping malls, riveted by the impending disaster which blankets the television. Based on the true story of "God Saves the Earth Saucer Foundation," GOD's LAND is a gentle comedy of cultural dislocation; a bittersweet story about searching for faith is strange places. These pilgrims are strangers in Texas, an arid paradise of perfect sameness. The preordained time arrives. Now the real search for spiritual truth begins. One has to choose to surrender.

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" of the most enjoyable, moving, thought-provoking films of the year." - James van Maanen, TrustMovies

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Excellent portrayal of the American media. Alas, the film ceases to be relevant the moment the cockroach comes back to life. From that moment on, the film is just another sci-fi flick, which none of that weird sermonizing could save.

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top reviewer

I really enjoyed this one. It's a bit long but is entertaining along the way.

wow! wonderful.

Thought it was great! Very interesting!

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This clip just showed the trailer for the film, so I'm addressing that only:

Very intriguing! And moving. The trailer piqued my interest even moreso after reading the accompanying text.