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God's Got His Head in the Clouds2012

  • 3.6
In a small country chapel, an elderly local priest is kneeling in prayer. He is alone until he turns around to find eleven-year-old Angelina standing behind him. She has an inquisitive look in her eyes. Who is this little girl? Why is she there?

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top reviewer

the girl is right_and i think the priest knows it

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"What is the difference between Io and Dio? she asked. "What?" the priest replies cautiously. "One letter - D."

Existential questions and doubts - often relegated to specific compartments of inquiry in the open, but grappled with and (hopefully) resolved in one's inner existence at some point. I've found that reaching a semblance of existential resolution is but one part of the journey.

Watch this. You might want to have someone around to discuss it afterwards, or as I sometimes prefer, simply time to reflect.