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Go West2005

  • 3.9
Set during the brutal ethnic wars of the 1990s, GO WEST follows the story of two young lovers, Kenan a Muslim cellist and Milan a Serbian student, as they try to flee the fighting around them and daily discrimination they face. As Serb aggression persists in Sarajevo, Kenan’s faith makes him a prime target. To avoid questioning that would lead to his death, he dresses as a woman and takes on the role of Milan’s wife. When the two arrive at Milan’s home town, hoping to find refuge, Kenan is introduced as Milan’s bride. The townspeople seem convinced but will the charade last long enough for the two men to find away out of war torn Bosnia and make it to Milan’s dream land of Holland? A first for Bosnian cinema, Ahmed Imamovic’s GO WEST confronts an issue that is taboo in his society, homosexuality. As the Winner of the Best Film Award at the 2005 Sarajevo Film Festival the film has forced Bosnians to take a hard look at the way they deal with human rights within their own society.

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

war is so stupid so is religion_i almost stopped watching in the beginning but i like most of it_actually interesting i never knew how insane this war was_only a few parts were a drag_great to see Jeanne Moreau at the end_Kenan does a great job as a boy & a girl

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top reviewer

Hauntingly beautiful. The movie is long - at times shocking, sometimes dismal but with a few bits of comic relief now and then. One of the most overpowering and dramatic movies of this genre that I have seen. Fantastic filming and editing that makes this movie memorable in so many ways, and makes strong statements about the war and human sacrifice. Very emotional and heart jolting.

Inspirational heart and soul and strenght in life struggle story.