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also known as I sette gladiatori

Gladiators Seven1962

  • 3.6
GLADIATORS SEVEN revolves around a Spartan warrior who rises from the masses and leads a group of seven brave gladiators into battle, vowing to free Sparta from the cruel tyrants who have been controlling the city with an iron hand. A thrilling one-of-a-kind Italian made gladiator epic with a dash of humor thrown in for good measure!

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Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

I really hate the dubbing but so enjoyed the cinematography. A little dark in places which might be just as much age as poor film stock, I don't know... But despite this there are many gorgeous compositions here, with actors often leaning towards one side of the frame. Also great costumes and exploitation of landscape for an obviously low budget vehicle. These cinematographers were very sophisticated. If the plot is thin, this is normal for the genre. A great kind of film to unwind to at the end of the day.

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top reviewer

Rousing sandals and swords Magnificent Seven story with non-stop action from the prison break during the opening credits to the climactic fight high in the towers of a city citadel. Great sets, costumes and horseback riders galloping across panoramas accompanied by an heroic brass score also make this an entertaining Saturday matinee.

A classic gladiator film!

Great movie. One of my all time favorites!

Great old movie. Wish these movies had subtitles as I'm hard of hearing and can't read lips on dubbed movies.

good movie