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also known as Naked Under Leather

Girl on a Motorcycle1968

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  • 3.4
A wildly sexy time capsule from the swinging sixties, THE GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE stars Alain Delon and Marianne Faithfull, two actors at the height of their impressive cool, as lovers with a taste for the open road. Faithfull stars as Rebecca, a bored housewife who bolts from her home in the French countryside to visit her lover, Daniel (Delon), in Germany. Wearing nothing but a form-fitting black leather suit (the film was re-released in the U.S. as NAKED UNDER LEATHER), the lusty Rebecca races across the country and, in flashback, remembers the start of their affair. She recalls the initial, furtive glances in her father's bookstore, her elaborate sexual fantasies and their long-awaited consummation. Most important of all is the motorcycle itself, a gift from Daniel that seems to give her more pleasure than any man could deliver. Directed by legendary cinematographer Jack Cardiff in pulsating psychedelic hues, THE GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE has emerged from obscurity to become more than a cult favorite; it is a touchstone film of 1960s Euro-youth culture.



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"...vertiginously simulates the Summer of Love's emancipatory values and Dayglow décor." - Joseph Jon Lanthier, Slant Magazine

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Girl on a Motorcycle reminds me of a deliciously lower-rent Belle Du Jour. Their themes are similar, with the former being much more campy and less cerebral. Some great shots, Alain Delon makes a great smarmy bastard, and the ending is wonderfully unexpected.

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“Naked Under Leather” really is a better title for this one. This is a film that aspires to be avant-garde erotica, but really can’t shake free from shrouds of voyeurism and exploitation. It teeters and totters down the road for 87 minutes before it finally crashes at the end. But hey, it’s Marianne Faithfull on a motorcycle (being towed from the back of a camera truck), so it can’t be all bad.

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Girl on a Motorcycle reminds me of a deliciously lower-rent Belle Du Jour. Their themes are similar, with the former being much more campy and less cerebral. Some great shots, Alain Delon makes a great smarmy bastard, and the ending is wonderfully unexpected.

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In 1968, facing your problems, owning up to bad decisions and trying to make better ones was totally uncool. No, the thing to do was abandon everything and hit the road, preferably on motorcycle. Marianne Faithfull certainly looks great doing it. Irresponsibility becomes her. She has two men in her life. She WANTS smoldering Alain Delon, who talks a good game about the philosophy of free love and isn't shabby at practicing it, but she marries sexy-as-stale-crumpets Roger Mutton because he seems the more sensible choice. She wakes up one morning after a crazy psychedelic dream and gives in to her wild side. That means squeezing her nude body into a tight leather riding outfit and motoring to Germany after her true love. More lysergic visions follow along with fantasies, flashbacks and heaps of narration from Faithfull while the camera pans around her face. As a counterculture artifact, it's entertaining, a real breeze to watch. It's full of hot air, but it keeps moving as any motorcycle movie should.

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mostly ridiculous _Marianne is cool & sexy mostly_the psychedelic shots are really cool

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As a rider of fifty years I found the motorcycle scenes energizing, I enjoyed also, her search for truth and happiness in unusual places. Appreciated that she was a woman on her own who did not let gender roles restrict her search for life's glories. I truly disliked the ending; this motif whee the woman in the film finds happiness then suffers tragic, meaningless death unpleasant at best. Like "Looking for Mr. Goodbar", a woman who had found freedom, bypassing all the restricting

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Were I to edit the film as I experienced it, I would keep the first seven minutes and the last ten. Everything else was miles and miles of French and German roads with some puzzling scenes popping up. These may have been fantasy/reality or present/flashback moments. I never caught up with the film. Didn't find out where she was going or why - but that is no doubt due my poor hearing combined with her soft voice often speaking even softer. I wondered if many of the closeups of her riding were not filmed of her in front of a green screen, with fill-ins added later. Seemed awkward.

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TURN ON - a very splendid movie!

A psychedelic sexual trip via the B roads of France and Germany. Erotic, stylish and beautiful.

bizarre and fabulous

I didn't care too much for this movies depiction of the liberated type female as too dumb to even live.

Seemed cheesy at first but couldn't stop watching.

It buffered a bit but not any more so than Netflix. Not much plot but nice scenery. It was kind of like I was riding a motorcycle around Europe. So I liked it.

i only wish that i had saved a tab of acid for this film.

Everything has a context and considering this I found the film extremely fascinating and well done. Culture was in transition during the 60's, particularly in 1968, and this film reflects the avant garde of the era.

I really enjoyed the movie, the acting, the scenery, and locations, as well as the cinematography