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Girl in Gold Boots1968

  • 3.4
  • passes the bechdel test
Michele, a young woman who works at a dead-end job, is convinced by an untrustworthy man named Buz to go with him to Los Angeles, where he claims to have connections that can land her a job as a Go-Go dancer. The two head to L.A., along with a hitchhiker named Critter. Once in Los Angeles, Michele gets a job as a dancer and learns how the club owner and other dancers are connected to the drug trade.

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There should be a Walk of Fame somewhere—maybe in sketchy alley somewhere in Poverty Row—for the Exploitation Kings. The Z-Movie Masterminds: Herschell Gordon Lewis, Ray Dennis Steckler, Al Adamson, Dave Friedman…and of course, Ted V. Mikels.

Mikels’ “Girl In Gold Boots” is one of his early efforts. It’s no “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” (and there are times when you really wish it was), but it has a curious charm to it. It’s a no-budget update of some 1930’s musical melodrama of the “42nd Street” variety; replace fedoras and tap shoes for bouffant hair and go-go boots; Busby Berkeley—except Bugsby Berkeley is nowhere to be found.

Trivia Time: “The Haunted House”--and the stage that resembles the Creature from The Black Lagoon’s dental work—was an actual Hollywood hang out back in the day.