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also known as Vormittagsspuk

Ghosts Before Breakfast1928

  • 4.1
The Dadaists were closely attuned to cinema's native surrealism. And so it is fitting that Hans Richter's GHOSTS BEFORE BREAKFAST should return to so many of the medium's first loves: trick shots, fisticuffs and slapstick are all thrown in the dada blender, unfettered from the obligations of narrative or common sense. The film was initially commissioned as a collaboration with composer Paul Hindemith but the Nazis (evidently threatened by such jubilant and unrepentant displays of disorder) destroyed the original score. - Max Goldberg

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Member Reviews (2)

I liked this more than expected. This seemingly 'throw everything at the wall til something sticks' approach belies an intuition for the possibilities of cinema and a natural knack for framing. I'm interested in seeing more dadaist stuff on the strength of this alone.

Rating 3.5