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Gerhard Richter Painting2011

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  • 4.4
GERHARD RICHTER PAINTING offers unprecedented insight into the life and work of one of the greatest artists of our time, and is a "gorgeously rendered work of art" (according to Variety) in its own right. Legendary German painter Gerhard Richter granted filmmaker Corinna Belz access to his studio in the spring and summer of 2009, where he was working on a series of large abstract paintings. In quiet, highly concentrated images, the documentary provides a fly-on-the-wall perspective of the very personal, tension-filled process of artistic creation. Richter is his own worst critic, destroying multiple canvases before his remarkable creative spirit takes hold, and the astonishing final compositions emerge. "Painting is another form of thinking," Richter once said, and GERHARD RICHTER PAINTING takes that premise seriously, exposing for the first time how he translates his thoughts onto a blank canvas. Beautifully shot and endlessly revealing, it "artfully and convincingly immerses us into the world of one of the greatest [painters], painting." (Village Voice)

Member Reviews (4)

Loveed it want to se more artist documentries

Interesting to "know" how an artist lives. However, it was clear that he was uncomfortable with cameras watching his every move. Gerhard Richter's works appear to be of his heart (created without a "master plan").

T'was a long film to watch which required a margarita to calm the mind and open the soul.

Gerhard Richter- a genius? This documentary gives you a realistic view and understanding of what this 21st century artist is made of. One can sense his drive, the agony to succeed, the fear to fail and- bearing his soul plainly on canvas- inventing, reinventing, but.... in vain.

mature painting but genius