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General Orders No.92009

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  • 4.0
Awarded for its visionary cinematography, GENERAL ORDERS NO.9 breaks from the constraints of the documentary form as it contemplates the signs of loss and change in the American South. The stunning culmination of over eleven years' work from first time writer-director Robert Persons, GENERAL ORDERS NO.9 marries experimental filmmaking with an accessible, naturalist sensibility to tell the epic story of the clash between nature and man's progress, and reaches a bittersweet reconciliation all its own. Told entirely with images, poetry, and music, GENERAL ORDERS NO.9 is unlike any film you have ever seen. A story of maps, dreams, and prayers, it's one last trip down the rabbit hole before it's paved over.

Member Reviews (3)

No film has better captured the passage of time, the change that it brings and the sense of loss that it leaves.


Great film. Very artistic.