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Garbanzo Gas2007

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  • 3.4
Two guys with badass haircuts are stuck in a lavish motel room and are broke, desperate, and slowly going insane. In fact, after watching a kangaroo fight on television, they make a pact to kill themselves at checkout time. Meanwhile, a menopausal cow gets a slaughterhouse reprieve and a vacation to the same lavish motel. Elsewhere, a geriatric killer is on the loose and getting his instructions from an orthopedic shoe. Are you following? Don't worry, because in the hands of gonzo indie filmmaker Giuseppe Andrews, this crazy scenario is a hilarious, disturbing, homemade soap opera laced with weird and filthy songs.

Member Reviews (3)

Honestly, I did not have the patience to sit through more than 10 minutes of this movie. I love strange films, really bad films, really interesting films, and this had nothing to offer. Not even bad enough to enjoy as a bad movie. Self-indulgent waste of time. Spend your time doing something else. Call someone you love. Or even just like a little. Read a book. Raise a family. Something...anything other than try to watch this.


This really couldn't have been happening.