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also known as Da lui toi


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  • 3.9
In a remote village, Dragon (Chen Kuan Tai) and Tiger (Leung Siu-Lung) run Law's Teahouse, which was once a celebrated martial arts school. The middle-aged pair's skills have diminished in the thirty years they have waited for their Kung Fu master to awaken from his coma. When real estate associate Cheung arrives in the village and is rescued by Tiger from a local ruffian, it ignites the young man's passion to study the martial arts. His arrival accidentally awakens the comatose Law just in time for the master to train all three men for a competition with the teahouse on the line.

Member Reviews (3)

This one is fun if you are on its wavelength. It very deftly uses a variety of fish-out-of-water situations: the loser in a world of martial arts; the traditionalist who literally wakes up in a different time; the damaged and aged heroes who cannot perform the heroics that the film narrative insists they must. The movie is respectful of the tradition it both extends and parodies.

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This is a masterpiece, to see these masters still doing these films is a honor, the acting superb, the story line very weel done. This is a must see for everyone.

Seems like a really good film but the sound was ahead of the video by about 2-3 seconds which was too distracting to continue watching. I'll definitely give this one another shot if the audio gets fixed.