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also known as Xia dao gao fei

Full Contact1992

  • 3.8
Unsurpassed action-packed set pieces, dazzling direction and one of Chow Yun-Fat's most explosive performance fuel FULL CONTACT, a first-rate, high-octane tale of revenge and retribution. To help his buddy Sam (Anthony Wong) settle a gambling debt, Jeff (Chow Yun-Fat) reluctantly agrees to join forces with Judge (Simon Yam) for a daring weapons heist. But Sam and Judge betray Jeff and leave him for dead. Once nursed back to health, Jeff plots the ultimate payback. Based on the novel "The Hunter" by Donald Westlake.

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"Fast, fierce and gleefully tasteless..." - Dennis Harvey, Variety

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What a spectacle! Predates Matrix by 7 years. I've got a lot of Hong Kong films to watch...

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What a spectacle! Predates Matrix by 7 years. I've got a lot of Hong Kong films to watch...

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top reviewer

This ones pretty great. Grittier than John Woo's efforts, & for me at least, a more enjoyable affair. Though comparisons are warranted in the editing of the action sequences, what Full Contact has to offer is character. Chow Yun-Fat plays a motorcycle punk who teams up, then squares off with a snakeskin dandy after a bungled weapons heist. Betrayal & Revenge ensue. No saving babies in this one. No good cop / bad cop. This is moralistically betwixt, in the greyscale. Thus giving the character development more weight & reality in a genre defined by its unbelievable stunts & fight choreography. Like action films? Watch this now.

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This is a killer action flick! Imagine the same violence level of Die Hard, add martial arts and creative choreography and camera work, and a dash of that Chow Yun Fat magic.

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Classic Chow-Yun Fat in full action mode

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Director Ringo Lam, with lead actor Yun-Fat Chow rolls out a martial arts movie dealing with the concept of " honour amongst thieves" . It is a classical John Woo film of camera shots, which I believe was the first to use the classical dodge the bullet scenes which was later made famous with the movie "Matrix". It is one of last movie of Ann Bridgewater, for after which she went back to college to study biology and become a Physical Therapist. Overall it is good film of the Woo director era, worth watching for the period piece and to see what it gave birth too in later years.

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Non stop action and exit wounds!

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top reviewer

this movie full contact is an endless roller coaster ride jammed with excitement beyond belief imagery and stupendous acting by all participants score this one out of the park this is t he only movie .I have seen that you can never get tired of a thrill every time!!!!

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Chow Yun Fat at his charming best as a thief with a heart facing a rival gang led by a primping, snakeskin-loving boss and muscled by a psycho husband/nympho wife duo.

Great story, highly stylized action and Bangkok locations also made this interesting throughout.

There's some effects in this that are good. The shots are in focus where they should be, a fun movie. I don't think the female lead was very strong, but the action kept this film going.

beyond my expectations

A progressive action film that is not for the faint of heart. There are scenes in this one that filmmakers would NEVER dare to touch now nor ever again potentially.

Awesome film, one of Ringo Lam's most entertaining. If you like Hong Kong cinema, Chow Yun Fat, Ringo Lam, or just plain gritty and stylish action films, I highly recommend Full Contact. Very much worth seeing.

Now if only Fandor would add more golden age HK films to their catalogue....

Here's the review as promised

Incredible! Review coming soon at

Preposterous story, but as usual Chow Yun Fat is fantastic to watch.

It wasn't too bad..

i was pretty good a little hoaky at times but good



I liked it....

Action, guns, fighting, hot women....

What more could you ask for...


Indeed a great movie!

nice movie

pretty good movie

i wish that was in inglish ,but wery good

Great movies