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From Rugs to Riches1956

  • 3.3
Ever wondered about rugs? Ever wondered about how to sell a rug? If so, as a rug salesperson, did you ever wonder how to sell more rugs? More rugs than ever before? In this training film for Caprolan nylon rugs, the great Jonathan Winters shows sales-folks how to do their job better. How, indeed, to go FROM RUGS TO RICHES. "You get the idea."

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Member Reviews (9)


The one-and-only Jonathan Winters takes what would otherwise be a relatively tiresome sales film and transforms it into an immensely droll lark full of double entendres. Absolutely worth a quarter-hour of your time.

top reviewer

Insane salesmen's instructional film that you probably shouldn't watch until your insomnia goes to 4 am and you realize you aren't going to sleep anyway.

top reviewer

huh? brilliant!

top reviewer

Oh boy... You'll love the cameo appearance!

top reviewer

Jonathan Winters is a god.

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top reviewer

Jonathan Winters gets five stars!

Loved it! Jonathan Winters always satisfies. It's Caprolan for me!


Oh, Fandor, I love you so. Where else can you find 50's sales training videos discussing such controversial issues as pre-marital carpeting.

A not very clever ad piece.