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FRAMES, a film by Henry Corra and Charlene Rule, explores Grahame Weinbren's relationship to his art, his collaborators, and his own best critic and worst nightmare, himself. At turns serious and wry, FRAMES explores Weinbren's impressive body of work over the last twenty years, art installations that expand the range and expectations of narrative, cross-pollinating the linear with the exponential, computer code with Tolstoy, traditional cinema with Wittgenstein's poker. Each installation creates its own world and a syntax of near infinite possible combinations to explore it. The film takes its lead from Weinbren's work where observers become characters and subjects, living participants as they interact with sound and story, image and screen. Weinbren's latest installation, also called "Frames", puts his life's work in context, while the film FRAMES frames the artist where he begins and ends, inside and outside of his acclaimed work.

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