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also known as Vier Fenster

Four Windows2005

  • 2.8
  • passes the bechdel test
Divided into four chapters: Son, Daughter, Father and Mother, FOUR WINDOWS is a look inside the brains of your not so normal German family. The very handsome and sexy Son leaves for school in the morning only to spend his time cruising the local gay video arcade. There he hooks up with an older man who refuses to give the Son all that he wants. Meanwhile, Dad is hiring a hooker, Mom is flirting with the handyman and Daughter, perhaps the most outrageous of all, is riding the subways, looking for someone to share some intimate moments with. All come together at dinner that night where the secrets they hold come to a head in this provocative and involving film.

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Member Reviews (6)

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top reviewer

Boring from beginning to end. Crude and poor camera work. Story worthless. One of the most underserving films I've seen I've seen on this site. Doesn't come close to being among such outstanding films you usually show. (Sorry to be so negative. Such a waste of time to watch.)

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top reviewer

Kinda creeped me out. The creepy lighting helped -- actually, lots of dark. And who sez this is a not-so-normal German family? Except for living in a nondescript urban building instead of the suburbs, this chiseled white family could probably pass for any white 'lives of quiet desperation' in any US suburb.

top reviewer

Be prepared for some very disturbing nuances. In this case, when a film maker alludes to certain controversial and important dynamics and conflicts, but then doesn't allow the viewer to go past just looking through "the window," what we are expected to be satisfied with, or to make out of it. Are the members of this family as oblivious to what's really going on, as the viewer is? Or is not really for us to know the details since we aren't part of the family?

Oh boy, what a mess. Mother, father, son, daughter. All screwed up with hideously long shots of boring stuff. This movies is awful. Zero stars.

very good

This was not for me.