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For the Plasma2016

  • 2.9
  • passes the bechdel test
In a remote house on the coast of Maine, a young woman named Helen has found work as a forest-fire lookout responsible for monitoring the nearby woodland. While analyzing CCTV footage of the surrounding forest, she discovers she can reconfigure her perception to predict shifts in global financial markets. But when her inquisitive and demanding friend Charlie arrives at the house, Helen finds herself challenged and unsettled by her new colleague, and the two girls' relationship begins to unravel. From this cryptic premise grows a lo-fi mind-bender of intimate scale and startling relevance that flirts with sci-fi and horror conventions, even as it subverts them. To the strains of an electronic score, FOR THE PLASMA juxtaposes pastoral imagery with surveillance technology, every shade and shadow captured in gorgeous 16mm.

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Member Reviews (9)

top reviewer

I forced myself to sit through an hour of this but gave up and didn't watch the last 30 minutes. Contrived script and bad acting. Passes the Bechdel test but that's about it.

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It amazes me how some obscure films like this get PRESS, and from reputable film magazines.

It's heartening for filmmakers like me, yet frustrating. SO difficult to get press. These guys must have

a really good press agent. Or they just got plain lucky.

(Can't wait to see this. And my wanting to see it is purely based on the ARTICLES I've read.

The Power of the Press.

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Nice cinematography but bad script, bad acting and no discernible meaning. I would think this was done by a couple high school students if I didn't know who made it.

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top reviewer

The wonderful score by Keiichi Suzuki provides reason enough to watch the film - while also signaling the playful-but-profound nature of its story. The meditation on the (futile) effort to contain the chaos of the world within frames operates on several levels and extends to the frame created by the camera itself. Highly enjoyable and engaging.

top reviewer

2.5_mostly dumb_sort of odd_i like Anabelle LeMieux - Charlie_she's cute in shorts_i like all of the fuzzy grainy shots_some of the more sci-fi bits_but i pretty much lost interest

I was actually pretty into this; the affectless line-reading acting style made the whole thing feel surreal, and I was more riveted by it than bored. Strange and singular—can see why the responses have been mixed, but I was kind of hypnotized by it.

Watched just a part of it. The characters recite their lands unnaturally.

Done on purpose, according to the Director.

an OK... experimental i would say

wacko... also, Fandor is saying this is from 2016, but IMDB says 2014?