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Fonteyn and Nureyev1985

The Perfect Partnership

  • 3.9
Peter Batty's famous film covers the most sensational story in Ballet which is stranger than fiction (an establishment English ballerina's unlikely teaming with a young Russian defector, half her age, to become the most glamorous ballet coupling of the glamorous sixties and seventies). Theirs is a story of politics, drugs, shootings and international fame. This great release includes performances of "Giselle," "Le Corsaire," "les Sylphides 1 and 2," "Marguerite et Armand," "Swan Lake," "Birthday Offering" (dress rehearsal), "Hamlet and Ophelia" and "Romeo and Juliet."

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Member Reviews (2)

Truly a magnificent duo!

This film showcases the artistry and resulting celebrity of two of the Ballet worlds most famous couples, with footage from many of their famous performances. Unfortunately it ends rather abruptly without giving allot of detail about their lives after they stopped dancing together.