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Film Geek2005

  • 3.1
The award-winning, critically acclaimed comedy FILM GEEK is about one movie nerd's quest to get a life. When Scotty Pelk (Melik Malkasian) is fired from his video store job for annoying the customers, he hits rock bottom. But then he meets Niko (Tyler Gannon), a sexy free spirit who just might save Scotty from his hopeless existence. Triumphant and hilarious, FILM GEEK celebrates the geek in all of us.

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

cute movie, tho a bit long--we get the point. ending was good. i can't stand movies where everyone starts applauding the heroic underdog. the final shot makes up for it.

top reviewer

Sweet little predictable plot. It was entertaining but not a lot more than that. I could have done without multiple bare butt masturbation scenes,. I also became weary of Scottys annoying voice, a prime feature throughout the film. On the other hand, the actors were good actors in an independent film. I thought they did OK for themselves. Last note: the slip in synchronization in the last third of the film was quite annoying.

Surprised me like few films ever have.