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Female Pervert2013

  • 3.1
  • passes the bechdel test
Phoebe is seeking a true connection, unfortunately she doesn't relate to people like most in "normal society." She starts making changes, and as her road to self improvement unfolds, her more eccentric interests lead her down a darker path. She meets a few men, hoping to spark a love connection. But her perversions are hard to suppress. Will she change or will she accept that she is a female pervert?

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Rewarding,funny and satirical and inhabited with quirky characters.

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Disappointing, mostly because it had so much potential. There is some really great stuff in this film, but it seems directionless, and then suddenly, it ends. We never get much insight into Pheobe - what underlies her difficulty in relating to people, and what motivates her "perversions". One gets the sense that the filmmaker is trying too hard to make a political statement with the film (the tagline on its Kickstarter page: "Phoebe empowers women by objectifying men"), while letting story and character fall by the wayside.

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Rewarding,funny and satirical and inhabited with quirky characters.

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Phoebe is wonderful_the film is quirky odd funny & goofy_it all fits together really well & gets better as it goes_really fun

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Loved it! I really laughed hard many times.

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Jiyoung Lee's film is not a total loss. Jennifer Kim is particularly enjoyable as the title character. There are some interesting moments as Kim's odd character attempts to connect with others, but the script does not allow her enough room to actually flesh much out beyond the descriptive title. And by the way, "Phoebe" is female and is more than a little perverse. The problem with this film's title is that it seems to be offering something that it never really plans to deliver. The character's perversity is not altogether of a sexual nature. It doesn't help that Lee seems determined to keep setting her up in sexual situations. It is, however, refreshing to see a film offer a female perspective.

The main character is cute and fun to watch, her house is amazing. I didn't find her all that "perverted". The therapist could have recommended some outlets and ways to explore her sexual life such that it wouldn't interfere with her normal life. The movie rambles along and than suddenly ends, nothing resolved, I guess like the main characters life, rambling on ...

Very strange movie, which is a pro in my book. The lead plays the role convincingly

It's iight

When the film is sincere and you can get over the mediocre acting it's quite fantastic. I was incredibly overjoyed by parts of the film. Those parts are few and far between but make this a worthwhile watch. When it's good it's good -- when it's not good it's okay.

Should be titled 'Female Sociopath'. Judging by the sadistic acts committed by the protagonist, I'd say there's a much more serious problem going on with Phoebe; more on the order of a personality disorder than a mere 'perversion'. Too bad it was never explored. Making light of serious mental illness can't possibly advance women's rights.

Some genuinely funny moments in a movie that speaks to the disconnect some can feel in finding fulfillment, either sexually or with legitimate human connection. You connect with the protagonist, and yet can't help but feel for the men she weirds out. Well worth the watch!

This is a character piece, an examination of a woman who is at odds with sexual norms and demands, who is exploring, and expressing, the unusual, the grotesque, the forbidden, to bring about a self-realization, not only in herself, but perhaps also in others. The analyses of Murakami's literature as an intellectual counterpoint and existential unsettledness of the Millenial generation were provocative and provided depths over which I'm still ruminating. I really enjoyed the gentleness of the film's overall feel as a contrast with Phoebe's melancholy and torment. Yes, the acting was dilletantish (save that performed by Ms. Kim), but such was overshadowed by the film's aspirations.

Nice to watch if you are in the mood for something light. The main character is charming.

Nice images. Kind of like this slow weird pace.

kind of slow, bad actors