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also known as Sasori

Female Convict: Scorpion2007

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  • 3.4
  • passes the bechdel test
A young housewife imprisoned unjustly transforms herself into a hard-boiled killing machine in Joe Ma’s brutal femme-fatale thriller, an update of the notorious Japanese exploitation series. Based on a popular manga, Toei Studio's multi-film FEMALE CONVICT: SCORPION series was a huge success in the early 1970s, solidifying actress Meiko Kaji as a major star and triggering a veritable cottage industry of sex-and-torture-focused women-in-prison films. Ma and his Hong Kong/Japan coproduction team bring the series into the digital exploitation age, toning down some of the more questionable sexual politics of the works while ramping up the action and "female empowerment" (if nothing else, the film scores well on the Bechdel Test, even if most of the conversations between women are of the "I'm going to cut your eyes out, b**ch" variety). "Brutal in the extreme" (according to Twitch) and enlivened by the presences of Hong Kong character-actor legends Simon Yam and Lam Suet, FEMALE CONVICT: SCORPION (aka SASORI) is a powerful combination of MS. 45-era Abel Ferrera revenge thrillers, Hong Kong Category III works and the glory years of Japanese exploitation cinema. - Jason Sanders



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awesome, action packed movie

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awesome, action packed movie

1 member likes this review

Very unrealistic. The fighting scenes are laughable. Find a better way to spend 100 minutes of your life other than watching this film.


I liked it good action.

very good, not too far over the top. Mostly she realized she was a victim



very good


wow very good.