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Falling Angels2003

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  • 3.7
  • passes the bechdel test
Canadian filmmaker Scott Smith directs the black comedy FALLING ANGELS, based on the novel by Barbara Gowdy and adapted for the screen by poet and author Esta Spalding. Set in the late 1960s and filmed on-location in Saskatchewan, this dark family drama focuses on the three teenaged daughters of the Field household. Callum Keith Rennie plays Jim Field, the loud-mouthed, domineering patriarch who has intimidated his wife Mary into a catatonic state of alcoholism and depression. Norma is the oldest, most responsible daughter; she is overburdened and preoccupied by events from the past. Middle child Lou chooses the rebellious path in order to escape her father's unreasonable demands. Youngest daughter Sandy aspires to maximum femininity, engaging in an affair with an older, married man in the process.

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"...belongs primarily to the young female thesps, who are excellent. . . there’s satisfaction in the way that story eventually gives equal weight to each daughter’s progress." - Dennis Harvey, Variety

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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

Decent little indie flick with some memorable moments - dysfunctional family, girls coming of age in some interesting ways, and a lost child. It's overly long, and the mother's secret at the heart of the film isn't very well fleshed out. At the end, you know little more about her character than you did from the first few minutes. It's the performances that ultimately make this movie worth the time, though.

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In terms of the level of blackness of this comedy- ink is lighter. A flawless script, great acting, excellent design. If you like Solondz, this is for you.

I sadly cheered the mear ending...when the pathetic Dad mourned the loss of the

Mom...but the story seemed to leave a few loose ends...with the unwanted pregnancy

and how the children resolved their relationship with the sadistic Dad.

a bunch of tropes playing out in a shallow pool. i don't know that it's really worth anyone's time when you could be doing anything else.