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also known as Fögi Is a Bastard

F. est un salaud1998

  • 3.8
Clean-cut 16-year-old Beni is a Zurich high school student just itching for an alternative life. That opportunity comes when he goes to a rock concert where he falls madly in love with FпїЅgi, the dangerously attractive lead singer of the Minks. With looks suggesting a thuggish Keanu Reeves, the 26-year-old FпїЅgi surprisingly takes to the cute, but coltish youth. He hires him as a roadie and the two begin a wild attraction that hardens into love and devotion for Beni but wears off for the soon bored FпїЅgi. Beni, a willing victim for this first love, is emotionally eaten alive by his devotion to the increasingly indifferent FпїЅgi. The two stay together, however, but soon sink into alienation, drug addiction and self-destruction.

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Incredible tale of love, loss, dreams, abandonment, soul, love withstand anything.

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Incredible tale of love, loss, dreams, abandonment, soul, love withstand anything.

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Loved the mood and tempo of this film and great chemistry between the lead actors - highly recommended

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The 2 leads are good looking. Easy on the eye to watch. Subtitles on the movie. The movie started off good with lots of sexual erotica, but without spoiling too much, got pretty heavy mid way through leaving you feel that the main protagonists brought a lot of misery on themselves. Some people seem to want to be unhappy and selectively choose it. That coupled with the immense and overwhelming power of passionate love leaves for an interesting story. Is there a happy ending? Watch to find out. The movie will leave you feeling somewhat neutral after it. Try the movie, you might just like it. You either will or won't. It's just one of those type of movies.

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top reviewer

Notcher basic bourgeois pecs, abs and ass squeaky clean gay suburban, love, fight, pout and love again kind of love story. Then again, maybe it is? Noir. Raw. Real. Dysfunctional. Fucked up. I didn't get the dog thing at the beginning but ...

I think we're supposed to be lulled by the soundtrack into thinking the blurred, impressionistic images at the beginning are representations of sea birds, waves, or other beach-like things. Then our perception is changed by seeing them in a later, different context. At least that's how it was for me.

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great tragedy!

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Good Movie, but the ending had a sad/happy note to it.

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Well done. Tragic. However, reality, sad to say......

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Pretty good job, basically delivered all they promised, no more but no less!

The boy was quite good and fit the part well. "Fogi", the singer, was good but not quite as strong as the youngster, actually; though he was convincing enough. I supppose for those attracted to the sensual element, the beginning of their relationship - was the most rewarding; with some fairly erotic love making. As their affair waned so did the more erotic or nature of the film At that point you stayed with it because you were into the development - for better or worse, of their deteriorating relationship...

The original music was only so so but the period background - Lou Reed, et al fit the mood perfectly. For any fans of the genre(s) - gay, R & R, Indie bands, etc.,

you'll enjoy. If not interested in those genre's you might look elsewhere. Since

I'm interested in all of the above I gave it a (personal) high 4 star; not be confused with a 4 star for all audiences...which it is not!

This movie made me so angry! The characters, the toxicity of their relationship, the savageness of the 2nd lead treating the main like crap, but i have to realize something; that these relationships do exist, they're just as toxic, and this movie's portrayal of such toxicity in one relationship is on par. This goes as well as a psychological drama as well since we're able to see how much the main character's personality deteriorates into a dog in the second half of the movie to please the other partner...such subjects are taboo and uncomfortable to watch but having seen the film as a whole it was wonderfully made. I'd recommend 10/10 but don't expect to like these characters that much. Every decision they made, made ME want to scream. lol

dreams of reality do take a road on its own and these characters unfold realism.


There is a certain nihilism in movies of this type and they always seem to end in tragedy! Too bad Beni didn't use his common sense and the power of his love for Frogi to steer him away from his self-destructive lifestyle. Rather he caves in to Frogi's weaknesses because of his obsession with him and in his way contributes to his [Frogi's] eventual downfall! In short, obsessive love id a 'deal breaker!'

A very good movie! I enjoyed it! Thanks!

This film was quite a surprise, and as I knew next to nothing about it, my only disappointment was that I hadn't come upon it sooner. A realistically rendered period love story, at once tragic and tender, the film integrates a good script, pitch-perfect performances, effective cinematography, and well appointed music, effectively transposing the operatic passion and pathos of La Boheme or La Traviatta to a gritty pre-punk rock scene. As someone who in the 70s was around much of what goes on in this film, I have to say, director Marcel Gisler nailed it. And while it is a sexually charged gay love story, the film transcends any preconceptions and limits as to genre and audience both.

A trip to desolation row via a trippy and debased gay relationship. Lo-fi film quality and a dark punk soundtrack add soulful ambience to this drug-fueled love story of two lost souls whose interdependence simultaneously elevates and destroys them. For all its sad, polaroid-stained melancholy, it is refreshing to see a film involving gay characters that do not live any where near Fire Island. Nor do they watch TV, much less be found on a mainstream network's comedy night lineup. If it's cliché to find gay men debauching/destroying themselves due to inability to handle emotional/mental realities, there is at least a valiant, though often misdirected effort in the characters to live from the rawness of the heart and suffer the consequences rather then pass out from boredom playing Bridge with the Country Club Card Clatch. Go for it.

Long one of my favorite gay themed films. The subject is depressing but adroitly handled and the leads are uber attractive. The arc of the story takes Beni from sweet innocence to a maturity which enables him to handle the situation he finds himself in. The band is pretty awful but right for the punk music 'scene', and fortunately fades pretty quickly as a central element in the story.

Interesting, sexy, somewhat predictable.

Good realism, romantic, enjoyable watch.

wonderful and loved the sound track

The Swiss have a lot to learn about comedy.


good and interesting