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Explosion of a Motor Car1900

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  • 3.7
It has been claimed that early automobiles were not particularly safe. British director Cecil Hepworth takes such notions to the inevitable extreme. In this case, the explosion is only the beginning. Tragedy follows (with a dose of black humor). This particular version, oddly cropped to lop off to full title of the film, includes a brief introductory narration to set the stage and note the obvious debt to Georges Méliès.



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top reviewer

Some things never change. Cars are still dangerous, the police department is understaffed, and you can't underestimate the importance of finding all the "parts." Great tutorial for any medical examiner.

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Enjoyable and surprisingly gross

Interesting. I like looking at the early film to get a sense of the world our ancestors lived in.

Very cheeky.

A way of year before monty python's flying circus

This is the violent movie of its day. Now a days you would see heads and guts.