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Every 7th Person2006

  • 3.9
Every seventh person in the world is a Chinese farmer. Between 2002 and 2005, the filmmakers Elke Groen and Ina Ivanceaneau carried out numerous interviews in three Chinese villages documenting everyday life (without any censorship whatsoever). At the same time, the inhabitants of the villages shot their own short films about their surroundings, their hopes and their dreams. These short films have become a part of EVERY 7TH PERSON. The result is an exceptional documentary that provides insight into life in China away from the urban and industrial centres, a life between socialism and market economy in which the villages become the testing grounds for democracy and self-determination.

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Member Reviews (1)

This is a really important film. Westerners often are unaware of the gap between rural and urban China. It is probably rural China that holds the key to the future. Now that they are getting education, which they were effectively denied before--except for the bureaucratic class, which parallels the present day ruling Communist Party--they represent the new spirit of China. The pattern is increased efficiency of modern agriculture, prosperity and egalitarianism.