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Operation Overdue

  • 4.0
On November 28, 1979, an Air New Zealand jet with 257 passengers went missing during a sightseeing tour over Antarctica. Within hours, eleven ordinary police officers were called to duty to face the formidable Mount Erebus. As the police recovered the victims, an investigation team tried to uncover the mystery of how a jet could fly into a mountain in broad daylight. Did the airline have a secret it wanted to bury? This film tells the story of four New Zealand police officers who went to Antarctica as part of the police operation to recover the victims of the crash. For the first time an Air New Zealand senior staff member provides the inside story of the airline that was accused of one of the largest corporate cover-ups in New Zealand’s history. Set in the beautiful yet hostile environment of Antarctica, this is the emotional and compelling true story of an extraordinary police operation.

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Member Reviews (6)

A bit of history I was not aware of.

I am an airline geek. And I remember this crash. I shut the film off mid way through because of the sheer boredom. I watch every airline documentary that I can get my hands on. I am sorry but this was a snooze fest.

A tale of a horrific plane crash and the men who recovered the bodies of the fallen. An insight into the psychological trauma the men endured.



Good except the cops made too much drama about recovering bodies. It happens all the time and usually the bodies are not frozen.