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Eph 4/27/161979

  • 4.2
It is easy to imagine Ephraim Horowitz as a best-kept secret among serious cinephiles, an under-the-radar amateur whose work gets quietly cherished and passed around like unsung heroes' early demo tapes. His charm is evoked by his liberated stance as a personal documentarist, eschewing the "detached news anchor" narration typical of such films. Horowitz was more like an old-school Brooklyn uncle, screening memories with wry commentary for whomever might be wrangled into the darkened family room. EPH 4/27/16 casually chronicles Horowitz's life and family history, his proclivities as a collector of knickknacks, of Super-8 memories and his common-sense philosophy. About nostalgia, Horowitz says, "I feel it's important to sometimes look backward. Because, for me, it seems to make going forward a little easier." - Jonathan Kiefer

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What a discovery! Thank you Fandor. I can’t think of a first person documentary that pre-dates his work. Horowitz narrates his footage with a disarming ease that oozes with charm and character. Fans of Alan Zweig should flock to Ephraim Horowitz.