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also known as Barakat!


  • 3.5
  • passes the bechdel test
Set in war-torn Algeria in the 1990s, ENOUGH! follows two women on the dangerous search for the younger woman's husband, a journalist whose writings resulted in his disappearance. Both women represent anachronisms in Islamist Algeria: the younger woman is a doctor, the older a nurse with vivid memories of Algeria's fight for independence. Ignoring curfews and the constant threat of ambush by armed militias, the two women challenge the men they encounter to accept them and help them with their search. Their journey leads them across the picturesque landscapes of Algeria, to a deeper understanding of how their lives were shaped by their country's history.

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top reviewer

This movie probably has significance in Algeria, but not knowing the history I was at a bit of a loss. Two women set off on a somewhat improbable task of locating one of the women's husbands. They undergo a series of misfortunes. In the end, they find the missing husband almost next door. Such is the intrigue of Algeria. I fast forwarded most of the movie.