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Emerald Cities1983

  • 2.8
Produced in 1983, "EMERALD CITIES features Ed Nylund as an alcoholic, part-time Santa who runs a cafe in Death Valley with his actress daughter (Carolyn Zaremba). When the daughter runs off to San Francisco with a punk (Ted Falconi of Flipper), Ed follows. He encounters a politician who wants the country to be one big National Park with himself as head ranger (Lowell Darling), an ex-con in a Martian mask (Dick Richardson), punk rock bands Flipper and The Mutants, politicians and priests justifying limited nuclear war as manifested on TV, including street interviews (by Willie Boy Walker) about the death of Santa Claus. Although the more bizarre components make this film excellent late night fare, with its allusions to mass media and the health of the nation, it's much more than just a freak show. Or is it?" -Jo Comino, City Limits (London)

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