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Embrace of the Irrational2009

  • 3.2
EMBRACE OF THE IRRATIONAL begins as what appears to be an hour long educational video written and directed by the fictitious Martin Thebes. It centers around a meditation on the Romantics' ideal of emotional confusion as a way to find truth. Then the film slowly unravels as the production becomes mired in technical and interpersonal crisis. The film features the acting talents of Jon Ingbretson and Ali Dadgar and the cinematography of Shane King and the sound design work of Chris Kubick. It was filmed on location at the J.B. Blunk residency in Pt. Reyes and the Oakland Museum of California.

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top reviewer

It's always fun to watch things devolve into comedy chaos but this was not an overwhelmingly funny film. That, or I have no sense of humor. Try the film, maybe it will work, for you?