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also known as Hair Extensions | Exte


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  • 3.5
Customs agents discover a huge amount of human hair along with the bald corpse of a young girl. This arouses the curiosity of Yamazaki (Ren Ohsugi), a mortuary employee with a hair fetish, particularly since the girl's hair continues to grow. Now a mad hair-peddler with an endless stock of locks, Yamazaki hocks his wares to salons to be used for hair extensions. Meanwhile, Yuko (Chiaki Kuriyama from BATTLE ROYALE), an up-and-coming hair stylist, is entrusted with the care of her timid and frightened niece, Mami, whose body bears the signs of abuse. It's not long before death surrounds them and their extension-wearing clientele. The hair, it seems, has a life of its own, with lethal, vengeful intentions. And Yuko and Mami must untangle the mystery before more deaths occur. Directed by Sion Sono, EKUSUTE will make your hair stand on end!

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top reviewer

Remarkably tame for Japanese horror but some better than average acting from the two man girls. Hair effects were rather creepy.

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top reviewer

3 ½ Starts-out taking Japanese hair horror to a whole new level of terror and smartly plays the misogyny, fetishism and objectification aspects of this kind of horror in ways that make your skin crawl, then ends-up ridiculous and almost comical. The few men in this are dolts, incompetent or perverted, while the women are smart, constructive and compassionate. The poor ghost’s fate must be about the most horrible objectification of a human being possible. You understand why she is so p*ssed-off. Interesting horror with some very scary moments.

top reviewer


Creepy, weird horror movie with lot's of "hair raising" effects! Some scenes were gross, some painful, but you can't stop watching it! Loved the two main actresses. Could not figure who Yuko (Chiaki Kuriyama) was at first, but realized she was in Kill Bill. Totally enjoyed this Japanese creepy horror!

Between a 3 and a 4. Good effects and story line. Very bizarre!


was good

loved it!!!

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