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Eagle vs Shark2007

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  • 3.4
When Lily, a lonely, oddball fast-food waitress and hopeless romantic, and Jarrod, another lonely oddball and video game clerk who has spent the last decade plotting revenge against a bully from high school, connect at a dress-as-your-favorite-animal party, it's a match seemingly made in outcast Heaven. But when Lily decides to risk everything for love, her hopes are nearly dashed as, after a brief fling, Jarrod dumps her because he's too busy training for his all-important payback mission. But neither of them can anticipate the grit the steadfastly optimistic Lily will show in her heartbreak. As Jarrod's day of reckoning arrives and everything hits the fan, Jarrod and Lily will find something that goes beyond romantic fantasies and revenge - faith in who they are.

Member Reviews (1)

The film began with some humor, but later becomes more dramatic. Some of the characters are too one dimensional particularly Jarrod. The second half seemed to lack purpose and was disorganized. The use of music in the film helped to hold the viewer's interest.