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Dziga and His Brothers2002

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  • 3.5
The fascinating and tumultuous lives of Mikhail, Boris and Denis Kaufman (better known as Dziga Vertov) are the focus of this powerful documentary. Using rare archival footage from Russian state film archives and private collections, the brothers' lives and art are traced from Bialystok to Moscow, Paris, and Hollywood.

Member Reviews (2)

The subject matter of this film is utterly fascinating, especially if you're a fan of Russian and/or explicitly political cinema.

HOWEVER, the subtitles--or inconsistency thereof--are maddening. There are long stretches of the film in which the narrator is obviously saying things in Russian, yet there are no subtitles on the screen. There are also no subtitles during the interviews with Boris Kaufman's granddaughter, which are in English, and they're so desperately needed because the Russian narrator makes her words impossible to hear. (Interviewees speaking in French, however, receive proper subtitles.) Watching this would have been a much better experience with proper subtitling.

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At critical moments in the film, English is spoken and there are no subtitles. Unfortunately, the English is too low to be understood. The film is seriously flawed despite very fine content. I'd wait until at least a new sound mix was done.