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Dreams of a Life2011

  • 3.8
Nobody noticed when thirty-eight year old Joyce Vincent died in her apartment in North London in 2003. Three years later when her skeleton was discovered, her heating and television were still on. Who was Joyce Vincent and how could her death have gone unnoticed for so long? DREAMS OF A LIFE attempts to answer this question through testimonies from Joyce's former friends, lovers and colleagues combined with re-imagined scenes, providing insight into her life and tragic death.

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This is what happens when parents steal their children's sense of self. It is so familiar..

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This is what happens when parents steal their children's sense of self. It is so familiar..

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the end result of face book

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It might seem as if Carol Morley's documentary is leaving out some important details, but this only lends itself to a far greater purpose: the identity of the individual in world that seems tragically disconnected from the concept.

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sad, but true, but sad.

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Very touching, moving portrait of a life forgotten.


A beautiful young woman dies alone and her body is not discovered for years. An enigmatic heartbreaker that gets to the core of the state of modern existence.

And that's why I wouldn't want to live in a place like London.


Started off slow and didn't get much better.

intriguing story; nicely done.

Very well done. I had not heard of the woman but moved to London shortly thereafter she had been found. I thought the director really draws the viewer into her world, and creates a full picture. It was heart-breaking and perfect.