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Dracula vs. Frankenstein1971

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  • 2.7
With a sudden slash of an axe, Joan is decapitated on the beach at midnight. In a hellish laboratory hidden below the boardwalk "Freak Emporium", Dr. Durea (aka Dr. Frankenstein) drains his corpses to distrill the all powerful blood serum. Count Dracula craves the serum and offers Durea the body of the original Frankenstein monster in exchange. With a blast of spine-tingling electricity they shock the monster to life and send him on a bloody quest for fresh victims.


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Member Reviews (1)

A bargain basement Frankenstein Monster and Dracula! A fun filled horror film that

will in no way be mistaken for the Universal monster classics. Speaking of Universal monsters

we have Lon Chaney jr. in this as well as Forry Ackerman of Famous Monster magazine fame.