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Double-Headed Eagle1973

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Rather than offering a contemporary interpretation of history through narration and interviews, filmmaker Lutz Becker allows the disturbing saga of German fascism to unfold on its own terms. The rise of the National Socialist Party is depicted almost exclusively in newsreel footage and clips of features from the period. The result is a kaleidoscopic view of the German people 1918-1933, suffering the economic and human devastation of World War I, experiencing the rebirth of its culture and economy during the Weimar Republic, and allowing its festering racism, paranoia and lust for military strength to spread and become embraced as a system of political beliefs.

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A history lesson, and one that is both engaging and informative. I think I will never tire of documentaries about the intra-war years in Germany. For me the most important ethical/philosophical question of my era is how could this remarkable civilization go from enlightenment to savagery in twenty years? What button did Hitler find, and how can we keep others from exploiting it? This film fills in some important pieces to the puzzle

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"allows to unfold" in the first 25 minutes there are 5 minutes in which some substance is allowed to peep through the many various film clips depicting nothing in particular, but even those snatches of speeches convey little beyond "deutschland erwach!" and a promise that jews will have their mouths shut for them if they don't quit their "complaining" in the jewish press". trucks going by people walking around, eating fills out the first 30 minutes. feel like when i this movie going to get started? we might as well be watching footage shot anywhere anytime. tthe years tick by... 1927. this is 8 years documented? you'd be better off spending 20 minutes of purposeful viewing on youtube!!! lousy film!!!!! now hitler says "we must fight!" 35 minutes in. mercifully fandor does its thing of stopping the film at this point, all of a sudden I'm thrown back to the beginning. I would have to be pretty determined to continue. I am not. This is crap.

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Very compelling documentary. The footage speaks for itself, and the final scene of book-burning really brings the point home. These things have happened, and I hope in our modern era, that we have learned from this horrible point in history. Well worth watching.

powerful review of pre-depression and depression eras in Gremany...

I'm thankful to have watched this. Too many docs and historical narratives pick up with the Nazi party already in power, and Hitler already chancellor. The policies and narratives that facilitated that rise are tremendously important. This doc explores social and economic aspects of post-WWI Germany, so don't expect guns blazing.

great newsreel footage detailing the events in Germany from the end of ww1 up until 1933,when Hitler came to power

Raw and rare footage of the NAZI rise to power in interwar Germany, 1918-1932. Everything from horrid scenes of NAZI self-righteous anger to scenes of tranquil pastoral and everyday urban German life. I rate five stars for intriguing historical value but be warned the abhorrent racial prejudice of the NAZI party is well illustrated.


Love the quote at the end "Where books are burned, soon people will be burned." There are scenes that I feel could have been explained a little more and more speeches of Hitler and other Nazis showing how he starts with telling the German people WWI is not their fault to blasting the Jews and then the whole world is against the Germans. master manipulator/propagandist; he and his fellow leading Nazis a bunch if sick puppies!

Chilling. Many analogies. The use of the "Bride of the Reich" through old musical footage is an interesting way to interweave social commentary. I am also aware, through this, of what a mundane face future evil can wear...

a lot of new footage from the early years I've never seen before.

Interesting as heck - seeing everything from that period was a new way to see a historical documentary for me!

Sehr gut! Documentieren...

This was a very interesting film. I did like the film very much. I learned more watching this movie than I had ever learned in school. I see now why Hitler was able to take over the German Goverment and take control of the Germnan People. I was able to relax and watch the movie and study the film while viewing the film without getting upset, even while the film made me sick watching the German people do what they did to the non-German people in Germany and the other races that were not in Germany. It did not take much for most of the German People to do what Hitler wanted done. It also did not take much for the German people to belive that the German Race could do any thing they wanted to do and they thought it was the right of the German Race because other Races of people were only alive to serve the Great German Race.