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  • 2.4
When a young woman is accidentally trapped between two doors, she soon realizes her nightmare is only about to begin. A life changing experience waits for her in the tiny space between the doors.

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top reviewer

WTF? I didnt get that AT ALL. Could the next reviewer explain how this ends? Whats with the car crash scene? This one is over my head.

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top reviewer

Yeah, that ending was like a wild pitch from the mound, came from out of nowhere. I guess the little doorway she was trapped in was some sort of a time/space portal. It let her out and dropped her in the middle of a busy street. No set up, just zap. End of movie. They needed to set that up a little better.

top reviewer

There's a great little premise here--ideal for a short film--that delivers the goods on a visual level, but the tension and suspense is inconsistent and erratic. The film have its moments, however, as it strives to create a modern tale of urban horror that warps into the metaphysical weirdness of Ambrose Bierce. A noble effort.

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I don't know...I just couldn't get behind this. A bit of a disappointment really.

Very well done. The sudden jumps at the end didn't bother me. The one thing that nagged at me all the way through was, "Why doesn't she use the cellphone to call for help?" Maybe if I owned a cellphone I'd know the answer. Congratulations to all involved.